Paperlogix Drag and Drop

Paperlogix offers support for powerful iOS 11 based Drag and Drop. You can use Drag and Drop to move items within Paperlogix, add tags to an item, as well as to copy items between apps on iPad.

Dragging Items

To begin dragging a document or folder, tap and hold the item until it lifts from the view. While dragging items, additional items can be added to the collection by tapping them with another hand or finger.

You can also drag multiple items by first tapping Edit and selecting a set of items. When multiple items are selected, lifting any of the selected items will lift all of the selected items.

Moving to a Destination

While dragging items you can navigate to other areas within Paperlogix by tapping with another hand or finger. On iPad, you can also navigate to another app which accepts PDF documents.

Dropping an Item Within Paperlogix

Items can be dropped into any of several locations within Paperlogix:

Dropping into a folder. Dropping into a folder will move the dragged items from their current folder to the destination folder. You can drop into the content area of a displayed folder, or drop directly into a folder item.

Dropping into a document. Dropping into a document will create a new folder containing the dragged items and the destination document. This is very similar to the way folders are created in the iOS Springboard.

Dropping into a tag view. Dropping into a tag view will add the destination tag to the items being dragged.

Dropping a Document Into Another App on iPad

On iPad, dragged items can be dropped into any app that accepts PDF documents.

Dragging Images from Another App on iPad

On iPad, images can be dragged from other apps into Paperlogix. When dropped, Paperlogix will create a new document for each dropped image. Images can be dropped into any folder or tag view. If dropped into a tag view, the document will be added to the root document folder and will be tagged appropriately.